Just came back from N.Y.C. today, tired but happy to return home. It was a 3 days flight so I hadn't much time to do anything special this time. But... I found the time to take a long walk to Central Park and remind myself that N.York is not only huge buildings and cement...

So, I found this lonely tree I fell in love with...

The following self portraits were shot at Toronto, in my hotel room. And you know what? When there is no-one to shoot the best thing is to shoot yourself... and here they are

How do you like my new Slideshow? I found the link at : http://www.viceatelier.com/ (great work!) and had some time of fun...
See you :)

Self portrait series

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Monday, April 7

Gaara Sama said...

Ola, esta exelente tu blog

pasa por el mio

te espero


pavlos340 said...

Fenia your work is awsome!!! Actually its all about art...!!!! Keep up the good work!!

Many kisses Pavlos