20 questions - 20 brief answers to know her in a different way... I present you Ourania Kay under Interrogation...:
1. What is your greatest weakness? [in one word]

2. If you could choose a place to live which would that be?
-  Paris [how ironic]!!

3. What is the first feeling you have when drinking your morning coffee?
-   I totally feel... "Where are my cigarettes?????????"

4. If you had only one wish what would that be?
-  To endlesly continue doing what I LOVE.

5. Your biggest / wildest dream?
-  Someone to contradict my belief that people do NOT change.

6. Your worst nightmare?

7. A song that makes you cry?
-  “A song for lovers” Richard Ashcroft

8. What comes first? A friend or a lover?
-   Friend

9. Sun or moon?
-  Sun

10. Imagine yourself on a beach. Three feelings...
-    1. Τranquility
     2. Checking my tan...
     3. Thirst...

11. Which superpower would you like to have?
-     Invisibility

12. If your life became a book what would be the title?
-    The Great Calorie Bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>> HAHAHAHAHA [COULDN'T HELP IT HAHAHAHAAHHAHAAH]

13. What makes you laugh out loud?
-    Gofretta [her maltese...]

14. Who are you in three words.
-    H Ourania Kay!!!! :p

15. Which is your favorite sense?
-    The Sense of Humor

Credits of the above photo: photographer: Philipos Chatzis - Makeup: Mary Fakinou - Hair: Nicola Balialios - Models: Masha @ DModels/Aris @ Ace

16. If this was your last day on earth what would be the last thing you would do?
-    A walk on the beach along with my little hairy beautiful baby thing - Gofretta.

17. Which is your lucky number?
-     8 -------->  [... mine too]

18. How many belts do you own?
-    Countless

19. What is more important to you? The trip or the destination?
-     Both

20. The first thing you do when opening your eyes in the morning?
-    Closing them again and sleep for "5 MORE MINUTES" pleeeeaaaaasssseeeee...!!!!!!

 Who's next...???

Ourania Kay - The interrogation

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Tuesday, April 12