I have to persuade myself to keep this blog alive, otherwise delete it for good.
It has been a long time - AGAIN - I'm not posting. I have so many news to write down and I really don't think that anyone is reading this anymore LOL

There were numerous shootings done. One of them was for Fenia's Politopoulou handmade Jewellery which I enjoyed greatly!!!. The jewels were awesome, the models [were two of them] were fantastic

Samples from this shooting:

And then I traveled to Johannesburg - S.A. and we did some test shots with Xan for her book. A lovely girl, and a wonderful model.

Samples of Johannesburg shooting

Another shooting that took place yesterday was of a male model this time. Konstantinos. A really handsome guy he trusted me for his book.

Take a look at him:

And that's it I suppose for now. I did some other stuff also but this is another story so stay tuned and every now and then leave me a comment to read. Maybe this way I'll post more oftenly ;)

See you...

So many news

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Wednesday, August 20