This is the preview after the use of these actions.

The set has 2 actions. The first steps and last steps to every photo's retouching. They are both totally adjustable to serve any photo.

First steps action: adjusts the levels, color balance, curves and saturation and it meant to be used before any other step on retouching.

After that you can retouch your image the way you like [blemishes, spots, eyes, etc].

When done on that use the last steps action to beautify the skin and feel of your photo.
Adjust the opacity of the layers the way you like and voila your photo is ready in no time.

They really save you a lot of time with just 2 clicks
Don't forget to flatten layers after you done with every action and before using the other.

The set costs only $10 and you are going to use both actions every time you want to retouch a photo, so it is really useful and inexpensive!!!
The payment can be done with Paypal to my e-mail adress:
Once I receive your payment I will send you the .zip file in your e-mail [don't forget to send me a message with your e-mail address].
If you need any more details or in case I forgot to mention something you are welcome to e-mail me your questions :)

Have Fun!!!

Photoshop Actions

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Monday, November 3