Gandor is my 5 months old dog, for those who don't know it.. yet. And he will pass the night to the vet clinic :(
Why? Because as a young boy as he is, he eats EVERYTHING!!! And when I say everything, I mean it!!! He ate: a key chain, a small towel and I really don't know what else when I wasn't home. So he can't digest these things so he has to stay in without no food at all, only fluids, serum and medicines to make him vomit [is this the right word? I don't know].
In case his organism will not be able to get rid of this stuff in 48 hours the vet will have to operate him :(
He has 80% chances to digest and 20% to be operated.
The good thing in all this is that I saw that on time so he has no real life threatening problem. His blood exams were perfect and he is very young so his organism is really strong.
But my poor boy is all alone in a small cage so he can't move and eat the serum as well... It's the first time he stays alone all night and it's the first time [that I'm home] and he is not sleeping next to my bed :(
Lussy, my other dog searches all over the house to find him [and I thought she didn't like him at all].
Anyway, it's a sad night in here...

Gandor is sick :(

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Sunday, January 4

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winecountrydog said...

Message for Gandor from a dog friend: Paw-leeze feel better soon! It is so sad for your human and for your pal Lussy that you are ill. You must not eat all those yukky things around the house! You are not the first dog to eat like that, but I hope that you see how bad it is for you. Tell your human to try to find safe toys for you to chew on. Maybe her shoes would be better? She would maybe go barefooted just to have you well again.

Best barks, Tilin Corgi ^..^