Some photos I had in my pockets from Toronto, just for my fun.
I didn't do the shooting because I decided to relax in my room, buy my holiday gifts and just be on my own :D [a really rare thing to do!!!].

I made some decisions for the new year. I always do that, but not always succesfully :D I mean I never had a success on quiting smoke so i didn't make this decision for now, I just know I don't want to... yet!
My new year's resolutions for those interested :D :

1. Quit on a never ending relationship which leads nowhere... and move on!
2. Start a serious diet and loose those 5 kilos [that's about 10 pounds] that seem stuck on me this last year.
3. Earn more money!!! Nothing else to add on that. i just need more money.
4. Start training again at the gym.
5. Change my profession. I am forced to leave my flight attendant profession as Olympic airlines will be sold and none of us will stay "on board". Since I am already 41 years old and I just can't fly forever [it's not healthy], I decided to stick to photography as my main profession, so I have to get better to this...
6. Find the love of my life... [it seems I'm too difficult on that, since I haven't found it yet :D ]

And that's it. At the end of the year I'll let you know which of these decissions are completed and which not and why.

Now about decision number 3...earning more money, why don't you help me out on that by visiting my brand new store :)