Have a happy February everyone :)
Plans for this month:

  • Finish Marina's book.
  • Get in touch and meet with several stylists to find the one I can work with ;)
  • Do the shootings I arranged and couldn't do yet [ lack of time... ] with Anta, Maria, Katerina, Maria [second], Thanos [that's for tomorrow].
  • Athanassios shooting for his *new* eyewear with gold and diamond details [ can't wait for that and to get my hands on one of those ], models will be Denia and Caterina.
  • Finish working on the photos of Natasha and Rafaella.
  • Find some time for me...? and play Final Fantasy XII on my Playstation lol [ that's the hardest plan ].
  • Fly to Johannesburg for 4 days on the 10th.
  • Have my winter vacation from Olympic from the 15th to the 25th.
  • Save some money! [where, how, who me?]
  • Upload some new actions for you and finish preparing my textures and background CD [ you'll be noticed about this when it's ready, you'll love it :) ]
How about you? What are your plan for February?
  1. I already updated la_fenia with fresh photos and fresh music...

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