I had to share, it's a great resource for photomanipulation with tutorials, tips and really interesting articles. Daydream Believer I'm so totally watching this!!!

more news...

I had a major disc failure on my (old) PC 4 days ago, I didn't know what to do and how to finish my work so I bought a new one!!! :giggle: It came yesterday and I'm totally, completely, over the top HAPPY :boogie:

Fortunately I didn't loose any files as I constantly back them up [do that! You never know when it is going to strike you]
As I had Windows XP on my old one, I'm trying to learn Vista now :confused: . It's not hard I just need a couple of days, maybe less to adjust myself on the new environment.

Sample of my new work for Thanos' book:

A great resource

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Sunday, February 8