I've been thinking of starting a series of Photoshop tutorials. To be honest I have never written a tutorial before. It's another thing to know stuff and another to share your knowledge. I mean it is a bit difficult to make yourself completely understood, anyway I will try sharing my experience.
I admit I am not a pro but I use photoshop for 7 years by now and I have gone a long way.
I retouch my own photos and I retouch photos for others also.
I get many e-mails asking me how DO I retouch my images but as you can understand I just can't answer with a single message. You have to be a little more specific so it would be great if I had your help by leaving me comments on what would you be interested to learn.
Color management? Skin retouching? Eyes pop? Workflow? Any tools you need a specific explanation? Anything
Otherwise I will start writing driven by my own ideas.

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Sunday, August 30