For a person like me who doesn't like to talk much and if we think that English is not my native language you can imagine that it will be hard to express myself in this post, but I have to try, I have to share, I have to talk otherwise I feel I'll explode these days. 

   After 12 years of flying around the world my carrier as a flight attendant terminated in a day. How do I feel? Lost? Empty? Confused? Yes! On the other hand free, adventurous, curious, oh yes!

   It's a really strange feeling to be honest. I was used on having a luggage ready under my bed, ready to leave not really knowing if and when I will come back. now I have to walk on ground, I'm not used to that guys, not used at all.
Thanks God I have photography that makes me "fly".

   My head is full of thoughts and plans. I think I will travel for some time, not as a crew but as a passenger for the first time in my life. I'm 41 but I still feel so young to start all over again. This time I will make it count as much as last time.

   I don't know how but I am determined to leave something behind me.
One thing is sure I will live my life to the fullest as I did until this day, nothing else counts. 
I don't know if this path will be hard, I don't know what's at the end of it, but I know  I will walk it all the way!

Thanks for listening friends ...

Another path in life

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Thursday, October 1