While torturing Ismini [the model], as you can see she is freezing LOL

How Eleni manage to get always in the way???

Same as above goes here as well

We had audience and made friends :)

Christina working

And as you can see Marina always fooling around ;)

I don't know about you but I love backstage photos, more than the actual ones [well, not exactly more, but they make me laugh].
There was a great day in the historic center of Athens, the light was amazing and we started at about 13.30. Until 15.00 everything went smooth and well, laughing and working, plus having a good time. At 15.00 just out of nowhere the rain started and .... we runed with all the dresses and shoes, and makeup luggage and my stuff.
Fortunately we found shelter in a nearby beautiful tavern, in front of the fireplace and ordered something to eat. In half an hour the rain had stopped, the sun was out again and the light was even better!
Conclusion, when your team is good, when these people are also your friends and when they are truly professionals nothing can go wrong, even when it rains...
The team is: Eleni Barla and Christina Skarpeli [the stylists and fashion designers], Marina Koutsoumpa [the MUA], Dusanka Duric [stylist and fashion designer] who has dropped by with Zikos [her beautiful dog], Ismini [the model from VN agency] and me.
The photos are in retouching process for the new born issue of e-mergemag, stay tuned for it on the 20th of January and on 20 of each month.
I'll give you a preview shortly...

Backstage from the latest shooting

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Tuesday, January 12