Our first stop was at Xclusive Boutique of course to see my friend Dimitris Strepkos

Today is HIS show at 18.30, and I won't miss it for the world!!!

You won't see any photos from the show because my seat was not good enough for some decent shots [Tonight I'll have a better spot].
If you like catwalk visit Alecca Rox, here you will see us fooling around  :))

This is my mom guys :)

Petros Hatzianastassiou [amazing photographer and a friend]

And this is only the first part. The rest? Tomorrow with more and fresh shots from tonight's show of CELEBRITY SKIN !!! Can't wait...

No time to write anything else now, Tomorrow I will be free to talk more... Got to run!

AXDW - day 2 - Christina Skarpeli - part 1

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Monday, March 22



ignotus said...

Your mum??? Nice mum then!!!
Many many kisses xxx pavlos ;-)

Fenia said...

thanks Pavlino mou
kisses xxx