Well, I know I love their work, I know I love them as friends, the one thing I didn't know was that I was going to be so moved by what I saw.
This was not just another catwalk. These people know how to make you feel it passing all over you.
At least that is what Ι felt. I was thrilled and believe... you me I'm NOT that sensible!!!
Dimitris Strepkos and Eleni Mparla, the Celebrity Skin in other words, made the night special.
Everything was organised and carefully prepared to the smallest detail. From the gifts we found on our seats as we entered, the amazing photoshoot by Christos Karantzolas, the atmospheric music, the hair, the makeup, the walk, the CLOTHES, oh my GOD those gawns...!!!!
The feeling of it all, unfortunately it cannot pass to you through the photos I'm going to show you.

Celebrity Skin show - yesterday

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Tuesday, March 23