The people I work with, the people that make my life happier and my work easier.
Love them all...

Dimitris Strepkos and Eleni Mparla or the well known Celebrity Skin,
a joy to work with!
Their creativity and talent are endless... I consider myself lucky and honored to have met them and work with them.
Find them on facebook and love them forever!!!

Especially with Dimitris we have a long road together since now. 
Apart work, he is my best friend, my bro and worst nighmare when I do a bad work... ;) 

 Renos Politis
My Renos, my hairstylist, my friend. The man who makes my hair get longer and longer without losing their life. Father of Tito and Beba... The man who makes my models shine (hair wise...). his page on facebook

Katerina Kontogiorgou
We call her our mommy because she is always so sweet and beautiful inside and out.
A delight of a person. Always smiling and positive. But most of all, since we talk about work... her makeup is flawless. When it comes to a fashion shooting the makeup is very essential for the outcome. And she is my specialist! her facebook page

Marina Dagre

My newest discovery (well to be honest she discovered me in a fb message lol). My trusted assistant. She just finished photography school and she's got it! i mean that special something that you can't learn, either you have it or not. Remember her name, you'll find it before you in the near future. her facebook page

When it comes to my team I have more trusted budies depends on the work everytime. But these people  above are special to me because they give me a certain feeling of security when they are around me while working...

Meet the TEAM

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Thursday, March 18