The shooting took place at "In Berlin" hairstudio, a place I totally love!!!

The story was shot for e-merge mag "Time" issue which will be online tomorrow [ or late tonight ].
It is titled: "Silenzio del Morto" and the team is:

From left to right: Taryn Aichele [model], Dimitris Strepkos [the one and only], Ioulia Lyrintzi [mua assistance], Marina Koutsoumpa [mua], Tzako P. [hairstylist], and me..

There were 3 more models: Alvaro, Mihaela and Anton.

Dimitris was getting in the way as always lol

Poor Marina after the makeup grabbed her "boyfriend", as we call the reflector, as always...

But we managed to finish on time so we were all really happy...

and childish as we always are...

like to see a little sneak preview on what we did?

Well... that's it! The rest tomorrow on e-merge mag :)
Till next time.....!

The story behind the "Silenzio del morto" shooting

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Friday, March 19