Katerina was late, poor girl she was helplesly [ is this spelled right??? I think I forgot a letter ;) ] stuck by Athens tremendous traffic which was worst due to the strike.
I love her anyway so no problem!

Four coffees later the fun part started :)

From left to right Tzako P. [my hair man...], Marina Koutsoumpa [my beautiful makeup witch...], Strepkos Dimitris [I just can't work without him anymore...], Katerina [one of my fav models, I just love her...], Christina Skarpeli [my strawberry girl ;) ]

The photos of this shooting will be shown on summer's ThetaMag, I'll let you know... when the time comes :)

Jewellery advertorial - backstage

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Friday, April 23

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joanaddicted said...

great photos.. vivid not only cause of the beautiful colors, but also the serious fun you seem having.. ;-)