I've been busy, I know I haven't posted for many days but... here I am now, all safe and sound, with something new to show you, just a preview as the photos are not ready yet.

Sunday morning, center of Athens, a hot day, a beautiful Athens, Plaka amazing as always. This was the day I met Giovanna. Talented, fresh, young, a little shy, beautiful girl.
I LOVED her clothes but most of all I totally fell in love with that BLACK wedding dress. You'll see it in a few days when the photos are ready and you'll see what I mean.
The rest of the team was:
Marina Koutsoumpa in makeup, Tzako P. in hair, Amanda and Marietta the models both @ VN
Babis Tsitouridis helped me a lot for once I had finally an assistant :)))
And of course, Dimitris Strepkos who just can't live without me [ lol ] came to see us and the image of the wedding dress, I mention above, was his!

A little preview... sure! Here you go...

Oh and since I've got writer's block I need help on the title guys. Give me a hint...
See you later

The day I met Giovanna

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Tuesday, May 11

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Alex Matusoiu said...

What can i say about she and her secrets? Workin` wit a good hand, and be smart with a good intuitive... talented, attention, style, all this defining Giovanna. All respect to her...