Some weeks ago we were gathered @ In Berlin - our little hideout - and shot the "Doll Parts". Some days later, backstage photos had been published @ Go Stylish blog
Yesterday Alecca Rox has published exclusively the whole editorial.
But... I have some more backstage for you from that day, because this is the way I see things around me :)

Here is the proof that Dimitris Strepkos gets always in front of me... lol

Katerina Kontogiorgou while working on Xenia Tsvirko's face

Maria Kotsari [go stylish blog owner] - Janine Hopner [our beautiful styling assistant] - and who else?? Dimitris Strepkos well known as Celebrity Skin

You see how models love him?

And this is a little something of what came out of it:

For the rest visit Alecca Rox or my site

Until next time... stay safe and happy :)

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Sunday, May 30

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katerina said...

I loved the work you did! The final result was cool!