I know you love backstage :))) That's why I give it to you...

Happened yesterday at "in Berlin"... we were...:
Dimitris Strepkos, Katerina Kontogiorgou [ I met her yesterday and I love her for her amazing work, her positive attitude, her big smile and of course for the fact she is a Sagitarious... like me :) ], Tzako P., Chryso
[ a very talented new designer, student of Dimitris, who also had her birthday!!! ] and 2 great models from VN [thank you my Vasso] Christina and Natallia, Christina Skarpeli was there too for backstage photos.
Last but NOT least we had the honor to meet, for the first time, the art director of Celebrity Skin...


Conclusion? An amazing day at work :) Enjoy them...

Previews of this shooting in a few days... so stay tuned.
Love you :)

Happened yesterday - Backstage

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Thursday, May 13