"Reshaping Shapes" is the latest shooting we did for Giovanna's clothes.
Our model was the gorgeous Sofia Kyriakidou with the endless legs [remember her from "Bare"?] !!!
Marina Koutsoumpa was there as well reshaping our shapes ;)
Dimitris Strepkos passed to say hello and I didn't let him go
And Tzako P. played with Sofia's hair [we didn't let him play too much this time...lol]
All that happened @ "In Berlin" on our hidden basement
Wanna see?

Sofia and Giovanna fooling around

 Marina showing off... ;)

Strepkos without a smile... isn't he hot?

Me? No there is no me in this backstage. I prefer sticking behind the lense and not in front of it.
Anyway I just wanted to show you a little preview of "Reshaping Shapes"... for the rest you'll be notified in a few days.

Until next time... stay safe and happy!

Reshaping Shapes preview... and backstage

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Friday, June 4