It was a great summer - still is..., as I'm still everyday on the beach [thanks God I live nearby], I still feel summery and I'm still black ;)
But work must go on! New season's resolutions have to start happening.
I'll start with some memories of places from this summer and we'll move on

Corfu 2010-

And now Athens 2010 - started shapping up with the BEST personal trainer in town, Nikos Sigalas, the one and only :) [here with my friend Dimitris Strepkos - Celebrity Skin]

who put me on a strict diet [and no I'm not hungry] and work out.

Moving on to work projects... but that's another story for September, let's keep August one day more ;)
See you later

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Tuesday, August 31




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magdalena said...

you live near the sea??jealous!!!!my suntan is going away and i am starting to feel depressed!!!!