A week ago I managed to injure my leg at the gym and for all this week I was lying on a couch waiting for this @#*$#+| muscle of mine to be good again [it's not... yet].
Yesterday morning I did the experiment... I can't walk but I can shoot... ! Oh yes!!! Don't ask me how but I did it and I loved it ;)
I guess I couldn't stay away from my camera too long and here is some backstage for you and a little preview at the end of the post.
It was a ladies only shooting

Monica with Ourania while getting ready, sitting in my car

In a place full of dust where they are kindly asking to drive slowly... [I loved that sign... still can't figure why though ...]

Monica was in fashion mood even for backstage and while holding the pins [this girl is absolutely adorable!!!]

We had an uninvited guest which I wanted to take home with me [but he run when I approached]

Marina is always this happy when a shooting is done [ wondering why???]

This is a little preview of what we did. You'll see more when I manage to find a comfortable place for my leg while retouching...

As for tomorrow I think I'll tell you what fashion friends do when are at home ;)

Backstage - Ourania - Marina - Monica

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Wednesday, September 22