I met her about 15 days ago @ Starbucks [where else... a coffeeholic like me], Dimitris Strepkos introduced her to me. She came all smiley and full of positive energy along with her gorgeous Gofretta.
Talented, artistic, but also a great person to hang out with. That's Ourania Kay.
Yesterday we worked together for the first time, her clothes? You'll love them on AXDW where she is going to participate in October. I'm already in love with a jacket which you will see in some days, when the photos will be ready.
For now I have some backstage treasures for you.
First of all my beloved Marina Koutsoumpa [makeup artist] who had her birthday yesterday...

She turned 12... ;)

The gorgeous model from VN [thanks to Vasso Bania] was Haley from Florida US [you'll see her when times comes] - lovely, adorable freckles all over her body and face!

No introduction needed! My boy is surfing, playing, fooling around. But also a fanatic workaholic!

 And that's me [by Ourania Kay] after the shooting wearing my new, lovable, adorable, great, wonderful, gorgeous [yes, I LOVE THEM] sunglasses.

In a few days you'll see the results, so stay tuned babes :)
P.S. the shooting took place in my secret basement at In Berlin - Koniari and L.Alexandras - Abelokipoi and Tzako P. did the hair.

Another beautiful day in paradise is over...

First work with Ourania Kay

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Friday, September 3

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Gayle said...

Very imaginative photos! Looks like a lot of fun :D

-Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com