It was the first time in my life that I celebrated my nameday. Usually I don't even remember it - and noone else does - but this year I thought what the heck... why not?

From left to right: Nikos Strepkos, Sonia, Ourania_kay, Antonis Spathas, Dimitris Strepkos, Marina Koutsoumpa at Agora/Hilton

Me and Dimitris

Dimitris Strepkos and Antonis Spathas

 Marina Koutsoumpa, Ourania_kay, Antonis Spathas, Dimitris Strepkos and me :)

 at Drazel - Gazi

 I love Drazel's restroom and i love Strepkos here!!! I want it for a shooting

I wish you enjoy your celebrations with friends as much as we did. There is always a good excuse to have fun and fool around :) More of our night out at our facebook pages...
Have fun ALWAYS...

Nameday Party

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Monday, September 27