The art director of AXDW, the makeup artist, the hair stylist, the fashion designer, Mr.Jeans, but most of all my friend Antonis Spathas, under interrogation...
1. What makes you mad?
- Lies!!
2. What would you sacrifice to make your wildest dream come true?
- My free time!!!
3. What is your wildest dream?
- Everything..
4. Day or night?
- Both!! Depends on..
5. Which is your favorite vacation destination?
- All the World!!!

6. What is your favorite colors combination?
- What day??
7. Do you forgive and forget?
- I forget but difficult to forgive...
8. If you were to be reborn as an animal, which animal would you choose to be?
- Now that we are talking, as a seagull!
9. Coffee or Tea?
- Coffeeeeee!!!!!! Except if Elizabeth calls me... ;PP
10. If you had a kid how would you name it?
- Philippe!!
 photo by studio Panoulis
11. What is your biggest virtue?
- Fairness!!
12. What is your greatest weakness?
- So many...
13. Which is your favorite room in your house?
- Depends on the time..
14. By plane or by car?
- By car!!! Except if I have to pass through sea!!! ;)
15. What is your worst fear?
- Don't want to realise it..

16. Youth or Knowledge?
- Can I have them both??
17. Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid? Still have one???
- No and it didn't cross my mind as a child... How pitty??
18. What was the best year in your life so far?
- Mmmm... Don't know!!
19. What relaxes you most?
- Friends, Vacation, Trips, Shopping, Massage, , , , ,
20. Who is Antonis Spathas in one word?
- Dictionary..!!
 Here with Ourania Kay at my place... covered in Vogue...

Antonis Spathas - The Interrogation

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Thursday, April 21