Summer is over... they say.

First rainy day yesterday, feels truly like autumn and I'm back to work for good. That's positive, I missed  my baby (that's my camera).

Digging into the depths of my hard drive ( as I use to do every season), I found forgotten 'treasures' and I'm refering to backstage photos of most of my shootings.
Funny, hilarious, beautiful, moving, ackward moments in our lives behind the lens. So I thought why not work on a backstage project?
Not ready yet, as I need to find the right ones (and there are TONS of which I have to choose from), but in a few days you'll have the opportunity to check on the first ones, followed by more...
What do you think?

For now take a pick on our latest beauty project with Celebrity Skin and George Valvis before he left for London

The model is Oleshya with fashion cult agency

Back for good and the backstage project

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Tuesday, September 18